We get your brand right.

Advertising is in the business of ideas and SuperSonic believes in talking to audiences in a fashion that gets them.

Our advertising services cover:
  • Print Digital
  • Out-of-Home
  • Direct-mail
  • Brochure & Catalogue design

We want to be the voice of your brand or campaign and speak clearly to all your audiences.

Our Past Work

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Brands like 313@somerset, Bridgestone and NUS have engaged us in conversations with their audiences and here are some examples:

Siro Fitness Consulting

We explored the thought process of men and women and found that they have different ideals of the perfect body. To align SFC's brand with customer preferences, we created a concept to show how Siro is dedicated to helping their clients get in shape, just as a gardener dedicates his life to shaping a bonsai tree.

We started working with 313@somerset a year ago. Here's a personal recount of one of the executives:

"You know a good advertising agency when you see one; SuperSonic is one of them. The thing that left an impression was the mode of discovery through their in-depth research prior to presentaion of creative ideas. The level of attention given to our projects could be seen via the way they went about immersing themselves in the retail environment; they literally camped in our mall to observe shopper behaviour & spending patterns. The dedication and commitment to our projects would definitely ensure our continued partnership with SuperSonic for creative work."

Okamoto condoms wanted to launch an ad promoting the thinness of their condom. One of the requirements was for the look and feel of the print ad to resemble a past campaign seen on their website. After exploring various possibilities, we created the concept: Thin On Skin, Thick On Pleasure. Here's what our client had to say:

"I had a good feeling about Supersonic from the get go. They didn't just focus on being creative for creativity's sake, but really made it a point to understand what really made our brand tick.

They grasped the messages I wanted to communicate and showed a clear understanding of the FMCG market. I like how they were able to analyze our past ads against those of our competitors. In fact, our boss loved their rationale.

The suspense was killer but when they finally showed us the ad design - it was pretty darn spot on. The visual captured the spirit of our Okamoto Freedom Project campaign and the concept is cheeky enough to get our products notced. SuperSonic is my new BFF and I'm looking forward to working on many more projects with them."

Our Advertising Philosophy

We are an Ad Agency that helps you Take the Lead.

Of course the work of a creative agency helps you get the right message across to all your stakeholders. But we believe the role of ad agencies is to first understand the client, their business and their objecEves before integrating advertising into the equation. Companies in Singapore come to SuperSonic to get a tailored solution, not a one-size-fits-all answer. Our ad agency strives to address all your creative and advertsing needs, so help us get to know you.

Advertising in Singapore

Firms and companies in Singapore often jump to seek out their target audience. But at our agency, we first take the time to have a conversation with you. What differentiates us from other ad agencies and firms is that we are dedicated to giving companies our personalised attention to effectively develop creative solutions for your business problems. The successful agencies of the future are ones that listen more to their clients. So let us have a conversation and let SuperSonic take a firm lead on your future advertising projects.

Contact us for our case-studies and send us your brief via email at take-the-lead@supersonic.sg or just to say hello +65 6474 7871. You can view our work here too.